Meet Captain George:

George Boston has been fishing and boating on Lake Erie since he was 13 years old.  He started fishing with his dad, and then just kept at it.  He also was on the Pro Bass Fishing circuit for a number of years. He just loves the water!  He loved it so much, he went to work on the cargo ships.  He was on the big freighters that traveled all through the Great Lakes.  

George then started his charter business with Boston Boat Tours, which did fishing charters on Lake Erie and boat tours out of Florida in the winter.  Florida has now expanded to include deep sea fishing charters.  

George would sometimes First Mate with Captain Dave Farmer and that is how their friendship began.  As Dave decided to semi-retire, he and George formed a partnership merging Trolling Eye Fishing Charters and Boston Boat Tours.  

So you can expect the same quality of service with the addition of fun-loving Captain George.  George always says, “If it’s not fun; then there’s no sense going.”  His motto is:  Work like a Captain - Play like a Pirate.