So, You Want to Know More about The Trolling Eye and Her Good Captain?

Well, you have come to the right place! So set back and let us wow you with tales of the Captain Dave Farmer and his Walleye  charter exploits.

TROLLING EYE CHARTERS is a devoted Lake Erie charter service providing angling in first class comfort. Following the walleye as they migrate throughout the season, Captain David Farmer utilizes two marinas, Anchors Away (near Marblehead during spring and summer, and Vermilion’s Quaker Steak and Lube later in the season
Comfortable fishing and productive trolling are Captain Dave’s specialties. His 36′ customized yacht is not only a serious fishing vessel, but also a luxurious craft that provides a Lake Erie angling experience for the individual, family, or corporate group desiring a first class trip. A full bath, A/C and heat, and food prep appliances offer a comfortable day of Lake Erie angling aboard the super clean boat.

Captain Dave Farmer Aboard The Trolling Eye

About Captain Dave

When the good folks around Lake Erie  gather around a warm cup of coffee or a cold beer to talk about the day’s fishing, inevitably the Trolling Eye comes up in the conversation.  At that point, folks sense a change in the air and the rest of the conversation is held in hushed tones.  Why some people claim that when Captain Dave Farmer sets his first step on the Trolling Eye in the morning for a day of fishing that the walleye in Lake Erie can sense his presence and will not be at peace again until he has stepped back on to the dock that evening.

While we don’t know that any of that is true, we do know that Captain Dave has been fishing Lake Erie for over 35 years. We know that Dave belongs to the  North Coast Charter Association and Lake Erie Charter Boat Association. We know that he is Coast Guard Certified and has a United States Coast Guard Masters License.

We also know that the man will follow the walleye through their daily migrations with relentless precision until you are on the fish.

If you want to catch walleye and have a great time, this guy will help you do it.

About The Trolling Eye


She’s Lean, She’s mean, She’s a walleye catching machine.  The Trolling Eye is a 36 ft. Trojan with twin inboard 454 big block engines, making this vessel just perfect for trolling Lake Erie for those healthy walleye. She is setup on the outside for an open, hands-on fishing experience. This is a learning charter after all, you will be right in the thick of it using our state of the art tackle and rigging to pull in those big boys. And, when your arms are sore from the hogs that you have been pulling in or if you just need a break from the action, this yacht has a comfortable, temperature controlled salon on the inside for you to catch your breath or grab a snack. And, let’s not forget, a comfortable restroom – No, going over the side in this boat!

In Comfort and Style

We know you want to catch fish and have a good time.  We also know that you want to be comfortable while you are at it. The Trolling Eye is built out for you to have the best of both worlds. There is seating and active fishing room for 6 with plenty of extra room for your coolers and gear bags. Notice those monitors up there at the helm, that is part of the state of the art navigation and fish finding systems.  Captain Dave sure knows how to use them and that is why walleye flinch when you mention his name.


This guy is all tukered out from catching too many big lake erie walleye.

This poor guy is all tuckered out from reeling in monster walleye.  That couch sure looks comfortable.

The Trolling Eye deck out for walleye charter

Trolling Eye Charters is a teaching charter.  We provide you with top of the line tackle and all the bait you need to catch walleye.  Then we teach you how to use it.  You came to fish, and we aim to make sure that you have a blast doing just that.

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